— executive chef —

Yoshihiko Kousaka

As a Michelin star chef for the past ten consecutive years,
Yoshihiko has appeared on popular shows such as Bizarre Foods
with Andrew Zimmern, Cooking Channel’s Unique Eats,
and Food(ography). He has been recognized as one of
the top sushi chefs in NYC by multiple newspapers and
magazines such as Tokyo Calendar (2006), The New York Observer
(2009), and Time Out (2013). In 2009, he took part in the annual
James Beard Foundation Dinner and was recognized for
his skills in Japanese cuisine. In 2010, he was featured
as the best sushi Chef in NYC on French Chef TV.
Yoshihiko is also a frequent guest speaker
on Randall’s Island teaching school children about the origins of
rice and how to make onigiri (Japanese rice balls).

2004 – 2015
Executive Chef at Jewel Bako

2015 – Present
Executive Chef at Kosaka

— owner —

Mihyun Han

Ms. Mihyun Han is a culinary chef, entrepreneur, and
consultant based in New York City.  Her inspiration
comes from growing up in South Korea where her family values
cooking fresh, local, seasonal meals.
Her passion and interest in the culinary arts and her adventurous nature
brought her to New York City,
and at the International Culinary Center, she immersed in all things
culinary and developed as a chef and a baker.
She put her training in use as sous chef at Jewel Bako where
she met Sushi Master Yoshihiko Kousaka.
At Grace’s Galbi Bar in NYC, she was the Head Chef and
was also able to utilize her management skills to organize, train, and
developer her support team.  At Don’s Bogam, as the General Manager,
she accomplished her goal by turning Don’s Bogam to
a prominent, distinguished Korean restaurant.
Mihyun Han is an entrepreneur at heart with a culinary vision
which is being realized at
KOSAKA in the Greenwich Village in collaboration with
the renowned Sushi Master Yoshihiko Kousaka from Jewel Bako.

— ceramic artist —

Akihiro Nikaido


The shape and texture of his ceramics often shows nature such as
weather or erosion of the earth; and other artworks
make people feel a breath of contemporary and ancient period.
He believes that Chanoyu, Japanese tea ceremony,
embodies context of Japanese beauty and
he often holds tea gatherings to exhibit his works.
He developed many ideas and established “To-ism” that
brings together artists’ work for galleries to attract a wide audience.

Behind the name

KOSAKA is named after
Chef Yoshihiko Kousaka’s last name.

When asked about the spelling variation
between his last name 
and restaurant name,
“I took the ‘U’ out of Kousaka because

the correct pronunciation is actually Kosaka, and
I wanted to keep my last name
but also desired a name that was still a little original.”
Yoshihiko explained,
“Something so simple as dropping a vowel can

make a name the same, different, and/or
perhaps better all 
at the same time.”