A Taste of Rice
$ 75
18:30 - 20:30
Monday, September 30th 6:30 pm

Join LiveRice, Tom and EunYoung Sebazco for a unique “A Taste of Rice”dinner on 30th September at 6:30pm. They will share their culinary family background along with more than 12 different types of rice dishes. The guest will also explore and taste many varieties of rice.

“We are thrilled to share short grain brown rice from Ever Growing Family Farm, Catskills, NY. “We are also grateful to introduce fresh milled Hokaido Nanatsuboshi from @the_rice_factory_ny. This year ceramist Hisako Baba @bababasake join our venue to share her ceramic art work and her passion on Sake culture. We look forward to serve rice sweets from  executive chef Yoshie Shirakawa @fouetnyc and local brewed rice-drinks.”

All rice dishes will be paired with plant based side dishes. Some dishes may contain chicken stock and dairy products.

LiveRice presents 2nd annual event / exhibition: “Just Rice” in NYC to celebrate the rice harvest season. Rice is a main resource for food and byproducts in many cultures. LiveRice wants to remind and share rice culture and raise awareness of this important grain: “RICE” as an unlimited resources from food to art & lifestyle. @Exhibition : September 29 through October 7th, 2019