A Taste of Rice
$ 75
14:00 - 16:00
Sunday, September 30th 2:00 pm

Join LiveRice, Tom and EunYoung Sebazco for a unique lunch “A Taste of Rice”, as they introduce 17 different types of rice dishes by size, by color &  by region. All rice dishes will be paired with plant based side dishes. Some dishes may contain chicken stock and dairy products. Rice-drinks and sweets will also be served. Furthermore, we are thankful for the generous sponsorship of *Koda Farms & *Shichi Hon Yari (Tomita Brewery) for this venue. Tickets are available at Eventbrite.
LiveRice presents a special event / exhibition: “Just Rice” this summer in NYC to celebrate the rice harvest season. Rice is a main resource for food and byproducts in many cultures. LiveRice wants to remind and share rice culture and raise awareness of this important grain: “RICE” as an unlimited resources from food to art & lifestyle.

*Koda Farms is a third-generation family owned American company based in Dos Palos, California. The company was established in 1928 by Keisaburo Koda. It is the oldest family owned and operated rice farm in California. Koda Farms is a producer of Japanese style rice and rice flours.

*Shichi Hon Yari

Founded in the 1540’s in the small town of Kinomoto, with its production limited to just over 5,000 cases per year, the Tomita Shuzou is one of the oldest and smallest breweries in Japan.