Art of the Garnish
$ 70
18:30 - 20:00
Monday, February 10th 6:30 pm

Learn the ins and outs of garnishing your drinks with Art of the Garnish, author, Leeann Lavin, along with star mixologists featured in the glamorous new book. You’ll delight to see and learn tips, tricks, and instructions on the right way to prepare a dizzying array of garnishes, from herbs and citrus to nuts, candy, meat, and jewelry. Sip and see how these garnishes enhance cocktails and will help make you the star of happy hour while enjoyed craft cocktails from the Art of the Garnish along with food pairing. The perfect cocktail is a sight to behold, and it is often enhanced both in flavor and appearance thanks to a garnish.

Mother Nature loves a party. How else to explain the magical alchemy that transforms all kinds of plants into elixirs, love potions, and brews? The stories associated with many of the classic cocktails are part of the seduction. Most spirits were first used as healthful tonics and the herbs, roots, and flowers did promote healing – still do — Over time though, the beverages pivoted from medicinal remedies to spirited ways to celebrate. And then there are the limitless possibilities offered by a garnish. A drink can be adorned with actual jewels (brooches, pins, clip-on earrings or tie tacks), or the more outre creations dreamed up by star mixologists: fire, air, smoke, meat, crystals, fire and so on.

A special sponsorship provided by Hudson Whiskey. A special recipe from David Powell, Brand Ambassador, Hudson Whiskey, that showcases the classic New York Rye Manhattan will be featured. It is very exciting to have mixologists Jessie Wohlers Tom Sebazco in our special evening!

Leeann Lavin wrote a Food & Drink column for Examiner.com, curating the food spectrum that dazzles and elevates the radical New York food and drink world. She writes the popular Garden Glamour blog covering the nexus of garden art and culinary art, food events, artisanal food makers, and cookbook reviews. She is also the author of The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook and a contributing author to Savoring Gotham. A 2015 IACP Cookbook judge, Leeann is also a BlogHer Influencer and a SheKnows Expert. A passionate food and garden thought leader and frequent guest speaker, Leeann has worked in restaurants, bars, and food catering; and creates food and drink recipes with passion, using ingredients from local greenmarkets, her herb garden and farm-ette at her country house in the Garden State, making sure to always add the best ingredient: love.

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