‘Winter Table’ ceramic exhibiton
14:00 - 18:00
From Monday, November 13th 2:00 pm - Tuesday, December 26th 6:00 pm

Four ceramic artists present their work in a show called “WINTER TABLE” exhibition

Mako Nishikori, Hisako Baba, Barry Canter and EunYoung Sebazco are four ceramic artists working within the same manhattan studio.  Using a variety of clay bodies and glazes, each potter has developed a particular practice that serves their individual interests.  The work ranges from functional to sculptural, yet there is always an interplay between these two elements.

Sharing studio space is a nourishing endeavor not unlike sharing a meal.  Ideas, successes, and surprising results are passed around the table.  Sometimes the metaphor gives way to a real food and drink party.  This sort of festive collusion creates the atmosphere of a warm workshop on a winter’s day.  It allows for a deep work process that   is evident when the firing is done and the new work comes out of the kiln looking as if it was always meant to be.    Skill and attention result in objects that appear both new and familiar in their simplicity.

Always close at hand is the influence of the natural world:  the great patterns found in life and decay;  the sculptural forms of rocks and twisted old branches;   the functional design of an old bottle that was swallowed by the ocean for fifty years before it washed up onto a beach. Motivation grows from the most basic object one’s eye is drawn to.  Within the community of studio artists, individual traditions grow and flourish.