— Our Mission —

KOSAKA Art program promotes Japanese traditional culture in New York City. The ultimate role of KOSAKA ART program is to share and continue the dialogue for the diverse audience in New York City. Every month, the program creates opportunities for all ages to experience Japanese culture, such as culinary, arts & crafts. We encourage all of you to cultivate ingenious Japanese culture with us. KOSAKA Art program introduces outstanding internationally selected ceramic art work by leading Japanese artists throughout the year. KOSAKA Art invites artists to engage with uniqueness of Japanese culture and art, and to share a dialogue with our community and Gotham City.

— Art Event —
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Past Exhibitions

  Ceramics by By Teppei Ono

 Ceramic by Akihiro Nikaido & flower by Mario Hirama

 Calligraphy by Haisu Tian

 Ceramics by Hisako Baba

 Sumie by Sho

 Photographs by Junko Sophie Okimoto & Everett Kennedy Brown

 Hats by Miki Katagiri

 Ceramics by Barry Cantor & EY

Past Workshops

Tea ceremony by Shoukei Mori

Autumn dinner with Sarah Owen

Korean culinary with MiHyun Han

Chirashi making with Chef Yoshi Kousaka

Susie class with Taisan Tanaka

Email / art@kosakanyc.com

EunYoung Sebazco / KOSAKA Art Curator

*KOSAKA Art does not accept unsolicited proposals.
Submissions will not be returned.