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KOSAKA Art program promotes Japanese traditional culture in New York City. The ultimate role of KOSAKA ART program is to share and continue the dialogue for the diverse audience in New York City. Every month, the program creates opportunities for all ages to experience Japanese culture, such as culinary, arts & crafts. We encourage all of you to cultivate ingenious Japanese culture with us. KOSAKA Art program introduces outstanding internationally selected ceramic art work by leading Japanese artists throughout the year. KOSAKA Art invites artists to engage with uniqueness of Japanese culture and art, and to share a dialogue with our community and Gotham City.

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Exhibition: July 17th – September 2nd, 2017

in tune

Breathe out
Breathe in

As you sit in silence, the myriad particles comprising your physical being are alive with light…
Suddenly, you become aware that your entire body is connected to everything else around you, to each object, real or imagined, to each sound, each fragrance…
to all elements in the universe
You sense that darkness and luminosity have merged
And you savor this very precious moment of pure and simple being, of bliss

Miki Katagiri is an artist who has been living and working in Williamsburg, New York, since 1989. She started her career as a “junk artist”, a free-flowing art form which makes use of found objects as a means of exploring global themes such as recycling, and, in doing so, uncovering their hidden meaning in the context of everyday existence. In 1999, upon attending her first hat-making workshop at Parsons’, Miki stumbled upon the simple but ground-breaking realization that a hat — any hat – is also a piece of sculpture! This discovery subsequently inspired her to begin creating theme-based hats embodying symbolic (and often cryptic) messages around urgent topics of universal importance. These messages seek to raise awareness about philosophical and existential themes, in order to spread love, thereby also enabling her to state her own unique and personal life ethos. Miki’s work has been on display in numerous galleries in NYC, and was showcased both in the context of solo exhibitions as well as in group shows. She conducts group workshops and also teaches private hat-making sessions at her studio in Brooklyn. Welcome to Miki’s world!

Solo Exhibition
2015 Avant Jungle GGrippo,Brooklyn,NY
2014 Head to Heart Globus Washitsu,New York,NY
2010 Spirit Tide Rabbit Hole,Brooklyn,NY
2007 Sweet Dream NY Design Studio,Brooklyn,NY

Group Exhibition
2016 Bushwhack OS Church,Bushwick,NY
2011 Tsuru Project Japan Benefit,Tenri Cultural Institute,New York,NY
2007 What’s up Cuchifritos,New York,NY

2016 Cocktail Hats KOSAKA,New York,NY
2015 Cocktail hats Tokyo,Japan
2014 Bucket hats Minami Sanriku Mishin Kobo,Japan

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